Services of Software Testing and QA

automation testing automation testing

Automation Testing

We help minimize the downtime and cost of maintenance with our full-fledged automation testing services. By using our latest testing and QA techniques and automation testing tools like Appium and Selenium.

web mobile app testing web mobile app testing

Web/Mobile App Testing

Using Smarsh Infotech's QA testing services, our QA experts maximize the scalability, performance, responsiveness, and compatibility testing of your web or mobile application. You get a rich user experience that's bug-free and secure.

Security Testing Security Testing

Security Testing

Smarsh strengthens your software quality assurance. We perform software testing in order to make apps safe and secure for end users by overcoming vulnerable security threats. We secure your integrity, confidentiality, and quality of the app's data.

performance-testing performance-testing

Performance Testing

The performance of an application is important. We provide performance testing services to fix drawbacks that are degrading the performance. Our QA & Testing experts ensure overall stability and endurance of heavy loads.

functional-testing functional-testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is frequently utilized to enhance the software's quality. Various testing procedures are used in the functional testing services to evaluate the code of each element and ensure its quality.

api-testing api-testing

API Testing

The responsiveness of the application increases when the decrease in bottlenecks in APIs. Whether it's for load testing, security, or any first or third-party APIs, our QA team has the knowledge to test and handle them skillfully.

Why Choose Smarsh Infotech as a QA and Software Testing Company?


Automated Testing and Deployment

Through test automation, we decrease the time to market. Smarsh Infotech's scalable testing and quality assurance solutions provide you with a kickstart, aid in the expansion of your business, and boost revenue.

Manifested Testing Methodologies

Our QA experts and testers exclusively test software using established testing tools and techniques. Smarsh is a leading Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing company; we offer end-to-end testing services to create, test, and deploy better software.

Structured Test Planning

Structured Test Planning

Our QA specialists conduct in-depth software analyses and develop through action plans. Cutting-edge and comprehensive test case aids in the removal of challenging defects and raises the quality of software.

End-to-End Testing

Smarsh Infotech provides full test coverage, which identifies application flaws and problems that are challenging to find. We carry out all kinds of testing like GUI, operational, accessibility, usability, and security tests.

End-to-End Testing

Bug-Free and Easy Launching

Delivering bug-free and high-quality apps is important for boosting the business's trustworthiness and credibility. With the services of Quality Assurance (QA) in operation, company owners will be able to increase both earnings and growth.

Skilled Testing Experts

Our comprehensive software testing services, monitored by enthusiastic application testers, can help you determine, assemble the best team, and support your programmers while they concentrate on producing high-quality products.

Skilled Testing Experts

Software Testing Services for Different Application Types


Web App Testing

Our web app testing experts identify problems with the back end and front end of all sorts of web applications by evaluating the complete performance and usability of the program.


SaaS Testing

Validates the quality of your SaaS apps by performing business logic, data integration, and safety and confidentiality tests. Smarsh Infotech's expert testers help with perfect SaaS testing for your app.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

While performing mobile app testing, app speed, usability, functioning, and compatibility are the main things to test. Testing them will ultimately improve the user experience of your mobile application.


Desktop App Testing

By doing tests that evaluate usefulness, performance, and stress management capacity, you can ensure that each feature of your desktop app operates as intended without producing any unexpected results.


Cloud Application Testing

Accelerates the time to market and increases data accessibility for the launch of your cloud app, utilizing standardized testing techniques and tried-and-true testing frameworks.


Testing Data Warehouse

Develops and runs specific test cases to verify that the data and information are correct, trustworthy, and aligned with the company's data warehouse.

Our software Testing Approach


Testing Analysis

Smarsh's testing team performs analysis of our client's requirements. Our team does the analysis testing step-wise; with each step, experts pick quintessential requirements first and test them whether they work as per the user's requirements or not.


Test Planning

Depending on the user's requirements and the application made, our team plans different tests that have to be performed to check the performance of the project. Here, functional, automation, non-functional, etc., tests are performed.


Designing the test cases

After analyzing and planning which tests must be performed on the project, our QA experts put different test cases into one test case doc. We prepare test cases according to the test conditions and execute the test cases accordingly.


Executing the tests

Executing the test cases that our team made can be done using automation tools or manual testing. Most critical test cases are performed first; by this process, we understand the bugs restraining the app's performance.


Test Result Analyzing

Test result analyzing is a process where our testers analyze the results closely conducted on the app or software in its final testing period. This analysis is essential to ensure that the app shows the expected results.


Closure and reporting

A final test summary report will consist of the minimum pass rate percentage, critical defects that have to be fixed by the developers, and other important criteria to be selected as per the client's needs.


Uninterrupted Delivery

If the code passes all the tests made by our team, it will automatically be passed to the production team without any interruption. If the code fails, it will be passed to the developers to fix the bugs and make the app run seamlessly.


Industries we serve

Here, we make almost every genre of applications. you name it and we build it.

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Health Care
Real Estate
Social Networking
On demand Solution
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Food and restaurant
Supply Chain

Everyone prefers a secure app. Enjoy our cutting-edge testing & QA services!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do Software Testing Services mean?

Software Testing services help people find glitches and errors in software and help to solve them and make the app/software error-free. The benefits include various testing services like API testing, Web testing, Regression Testing, Load testing, performance testing, Mobile application testing, UI testing, Security testing, etc. All these services ensure that the project is up-to-date, error and bug-free, and performs at its best.

What's the difference between Testing and QA?

Quality Assurance (QA) & Software testing are different. People often confuse these two because both QA and testing aim to make the application bug-free and performant. The main difference between them is QA is a process that makes sure the app/software/website works as per the client's expectations, while Testing/Software testing involves methods and techniques to find glitches and bugs in the project.

What is the difference between non-functional and functional testing?

Non-functional testing helps in fixing issues like reliability, performance, the infrastructure of the app/site, and other related things.

While functional testing helps with testing software and ensuring that it is developed as per the criteria given by the clients.

Which different testing services does Smarsh Infotech provide?

Here are different testing services that Smarsh Infotech provides to its clients:

  • Smoke Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • End-to-end Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Non-functional Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Design and Interface Testing
  • Integration Testing services

Why choose Smarsh Infotech for QA outsourcing and Software Testing Services?

Smarsh Infotech has 7+ years of experience that has helped our clients' businesses to build cutting-edge and unique solutions. We have a skilled workforce that aims to deliver high-quality testing and QA services. Our regular assistance for our clients helps them keep an eye on the projects our team develops.

Do we have to sign an NDA before beginning a project with Smarsh Infotech?

Yes, prior to starting projects with our clients, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

How much time period does it take for software testing?

The amount of time required for software testing varies on several variables. The complexities of the software developed or updated, the number of development and testing teams, and the sort of software testing considered necessary are all factors in this. Other elements, like the requirement for integrations, may also be important.

Request about testing while establishing a timeline of the project with an application development company. Your development team members should be able to advise you on the kinds of testing that would be necessary and the amount of time that ought to be allocated to the project.

What is the approximate cost of software testing?

The level of difficulty of the app and the kind of testing done affects the actual cost of software testing as well. Costs may be included in the total application development price or offered to clients as separate items. Consult our Quality Assurance testing experts about the testing process and how it affects the project's overall cost.

Which method should I use for QA testing multi-tenant apps?

Testing multi-tenant apps is a good fit for the multi-tenancy testing procedures. Testing the app for many elements, including infrastructure, functionality, and networking becomes important because there are chances of new bugs arising when you submit new code. Doing this guarantees that no area of your software is missed to check and that any problems can be resolved quickly.

How to Agile Development test plans?

While working in an agile environment, we work in iterations or short sprints. Each new sprint contains only a few user stories or requirements. So, the documentation is not detailed in agile development.

Because of the short time, we cannot have extensive test plans while developing agile projects. But we need an intensive elegant test plan for our agile teams. The agile test plans will consist of a best practices list and structure that our team has to follow. Agile development is structured and not unstructured.


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