Why join us

At Smarsh Infotech, our work culture is engineered to enhance your learnings and skills. So, you can grow your peers with life-changing professional understandings.

learning-and-upskilling learning-and-upskilling

Learning and Upskilling

we often arrange technical and non-technical training courses that assist every individual in improving their abilities and becoming a better professional.

equitable-opportunities equitable-opportunities

Equitable Opportunities

Every employee is equal to us, and we give numerous opportunities for growth and self-development.

transparent-assessment transparent-assessment

Transparent Assessment

Every employee's performance is assessed form a 360-degree review for fair assessment and salary increments or promotions.

reliable-work-ethic reliable-work-ethic

Reliable work ethic

Work ethics are critical at Smarsh Infotech since they allow us to provide the most satisfactory service to our clients.

positive-environment positive-environment

Positive Environment

Get a chance to work under supportive seniors' guidance and friendly colleagues' guidance.

timely-communication-&-support timely-communication-&-support

Timely Communication and support

We Communicate with all employees frequently and respond to everyone's input and questions.

5-days-work-a-week 5-days-work-a-week

5 Days Work A Week

We understand employees need to unwind. that is the reason why we Operate Monday to Friday only.

attractive-salary-&-perks attractive-salary-&-perks

Attractive Salary & Perks

Our packages are higher than other companies. On top of it, we also offer additional perks to employees.

open-work-culture open-work-culture

Open Work Culture

Regardless of seniority, all employees are free to share their ideas with management or team leaders.

Recruitment Process



From all the applicants, we select the best CVs & schedule interviews with them where we assess your technical and communication skills.


Practical Test

In this Interview round, we evaluate to what extent You could Implement your knowledge and derive logical coding from it.


Apex panel interview

Our managerial panel engages in a conversation with you to understand your vision and how you can add value to our team.


Offer Finalization

Our HR team makes an offer to you by consolidating the result of every interview round.


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