Our React Native Developer's Expertise

dedicated-react-native-developers dedicated-react-native-developers

Dedicated React Native Developers

Hire devoted React Native experts from our database of tested engineers to fulfil your timeline without incurring any additional costs.

react-native-ios-app-development react-native-ios-app-development

React Native iOS app development

Hire React Native developer from Smarsh Infotech to create feature-rich, slick, and reliable iOS apps that will eventually be available through the Apple App store.

react-native-android-app-development react-native-android-app-development

React Native Android app development

With the help of our top React Native programmers and the strength of javascript, you can create reliable, fast, and cross-platform apps.

react-native-ui-ux-development react-native-ui-ux-development

React Native UI/UX Development

Utilize our in-house creative team & React Native programmers to produce highly beautiful UI and enjoyable user experiences.

react-native-integration&migration react-native-integration&migration

React Native Integration & Migration

Effectively switch to the React Native architecture to gain notable performance advantages without compromising the security and integrity of current apps.

react-native-support&maintenance react-native-support&maintenance

React Native Support & Maintenance

Utilize our timely and customer-friendly maintenance and support services for React Native application to achieve your business goals in all circumstances.

Tools & Technologies Our React Native Developers use

UI Libraries
Unit/E2E testing

Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App Development

Easy development

React Native's codebase is roughly 90% portable between the iOS and Android OSs. You can create two applications using React Native code. You may avoid wasting time creating two distinct apps by performing this.

Quality Performance

React Native is utilized to create mobile apps that function and feel similar to those created using Java/Kotlin or Swift/Objective-C. This implies that you can use the framework to create apps identical to Android and iOS.

Amazing Developer tools

Smarsh Infotech’s React Native developers use productive tools like Nuclide, Expo, Visual Studio Code, Sublime, etc., that helps in increasing the development outcome in lesser time.

Code Reusability

Reusing code is React Native's most significant benefit because it shows that applications can operate well across several devices. 90% of the native architecture may be integrated, which makes the code reusable.

Cost-efficient app development

Considerable cost-effectiveness is the main benefit of React Native programming. That's because programmers can create apps for iOS & Android using the same codebase. No need for different developers now.

Faster refresh

Developers can run the application while installing new updates and making UI changes thanks to fast refreshing. The programmer is relieved from having to rebuild the software because changes take effect right away completely.

Ready for future updating

React Native's potential for cross-platform applications appears promising. This framework quickly dominated the industry, and it efficiently handled development issues. The development's quickness and ease balance them out.

Quick Multi platform app development

With the cross platform app development feature of React Native framework, developers can develop applications quickly for multiple platforms like Android and iOS by using almost the same codebase for both platforms.

Why Should You Hire React Native Developers From Smarsh Infotech?

Smarsh Infotech offers the top React Native developers. Utilize our experts' development skills to create the best React Native solutions for your company. By using Smarsh Infotech's solutions and services, you can centralize on specific areas of your company’s profit.

Easy Migration

If you wish to upgrade an old app to the newest hardware. Our React Native engineers have done this before. Smarsh Infotech's expert team can considerably boost its efficiency and speed using the latest techniques.

Top-notch team of React Native developers

Without a doubt, our programmers are masters of React Native. They also have a good understanding of various technologies. Our developers can address an issue more quickly thanks to their expertise with different technologies.

Easy Accessibility and Management

Our programmers are reachable. You can send them a message, email, or invitation to a video meeting at any time; there are no limitations. There's no requirement to involve any third party when communicating your ideas.

Cost-effective development

Hiring a manager is unnecessary if you Hire Smarsh Infotech's dedicated React Native developers. This process lowers your administration and fixed costs. As a result, it is a sensible way of cost-saving while developing a project.

Easy and Quick Onboarding

Smarsh Infotech makes the recruiting process for React Native developers transparent to ensure that you are satisfied with the final project we will deliver to you.

100% Satisfactory app development

Smarsh Infotech's React Native developers ensure our clients deliver top-level services and advantages from our end. Your requirements will be fulfilled by us with no compromise in the quality of your app.

Steps to Hire React Native Developers from Smarsh Infotech


Brief us with your inquiry

Smarsh Infotech promises quality. If you are looking for a quality React Native app, you can ping us your inquiry mentioning the kind of app you want to develop for your business.


A professional talk with us

After our expert React Native developers understand your query, we will arrange a talk session with you. Here, we will discuss how we will develop your app quickly and in-budget.


Pick the best engagement model

After we brief you about the app development process, we will help you pick the best engagement model for your app. According to that model, our team works on your project.


Scaling your team

You can choose your team before project development begins. However, if your project requires scaling up or cutting down the team in the future, we will help you with that too.


Signing legal documents

Smarsh Infotech signs an NDA with every client before beginning their project development. This process ensures smoother and easier work between you and us.


Starting the Development

Once you finalise your dedicated development team and sign the NDA, we begin with developing your business app immediately. With our transparent communication window you can always monitor your app being developed by our experts.

Engagement Models

We provide various engagement models and contracts that can be tailored to your company's demands & project scope, resulting in the best possible resource usage. Please choose one of our many engagement models that better suits you.

Dedicated React Native Development Team Dedicated React Native Development Team

Employ a committed group of React Native developers to create your software/app from the start and get it ready for launch. With the help of this collaborative approach, you can concentrate on other business-related tasks. If necessary, we will collaborate closely with your own staff.

React Native Staff AugmentationReact Native Staff Augmentation

Hire React Native developers to assist you with your short-term app/software development needs. With this engagement approach, you may avoid the tedious hiring procedure and be free to expand or cut down your team as necessary.

Industries we serve

Here, we make almost every genre of applications. you name it and we build it.

health care
Health Care
Real Estate
Social Networking
On demand Solution
Travel & hospitality
Food and restaurant
Supply Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the React Native framework, and where is it used?

React Native is a well-known Js platform for creating mobile apps that are almost native to iOS and Android. Applications for both portals can be produced from a single codebase that helps in cutting down on development costs and time.

What are the critical features of React Native?

The advantage of React Native framework is that you only need to write JS code once to construct your application. React Native enables a single codebase, unlike traditional Android and iOS application development, which requires two different versions to be created from the start. As the developers don't have to perform a specific task twice, this speeds up application development & makes it simpler.

How does React Native reduce app development time?

React Native allows it to reuse UI elements and test applications modularly while building the code. By only replacing the altered Javascript packages, it eliminates the requirement to construct a copy every time a modification is made. Therefore, live reloading and platform independence provides considerable time savings.

Why should one prefer React Native while developing a mobile application?

You can quickly construct native-packed Android & iOS apps thanks to the React Native framework, which is only one of the benefits of developing mobile apps with it. Additionally, it can operate safely alongside capabilities that are complex.

What's the approximate time required to build a react native mobile application?

Although the time frame is far shorter than that needed to create two separate native apps, it is directly tied to how complicated the application is. For a particular time period, please get in touch with us.

What's the approximate cost of developing a React Native application?

The complexities and application requirements are the only factors that matter. A standard timeline is difficult to provide because every project has specific requirements. Please send us your specifications, and Smarsh Infotech's team will respond at a specific time.

Why to hire React Native Developers from Smarsh Infotech?

When you choose Smarsh Infotech to find your React Native programmers, here's what you receive:

  • Safety and IP protection
  • A clear cost model
  • Adaptable hiring models
  • Expenses that scale to demand
  • Source code licensing

What is the react native app development process that Smarsh Infotech follows?

We start by using the agile technique. Additionally, our bespoke app development process includes the following steps:

  • App conception
  • Target prioritisation
  • Path selection
  • Project study and research
  • Selecting related development tools.
  • Selecting specific technologies

What are the skills to look for while hiring React Native App developers?

Because React Native is a JS-based platform, programmers should be familiar with the JS language. Additionally, they need to have utilised tools like Redux, Flux, Flow, and others.

Can I migrate the existing native app into a React Native app?

Certainly, yes! Our React Native application professionals can assist with the hassle-free transfer of your existing native mobile app to React Native, thanks to their extensive migration expertise.

Can I hire a React Native developer from Smarsh Infotech for project-based requirements?

Yes, you can hire React Native developers for specific projects. Additionally, if the present recruiting model doesn't suit your app requirements, you can shift to another model, but it cannot be done if the project has already been finished.

Is it possible to hire skilled React Native developers on the basis of different projects?

Yes, one can hire React Native developers on a project-by-project approach, and if you'd like, you can subsequently switch to our distinguished engagement models.

Can I test your React Native developer's expertise myself?

You may assess their qualifications and experience via Skype discussions with our developers. We're willing to demonstrate our knowledge and give rigorous efforts at any time so that you may examine our code standards.

Is NDA signing compulsory if I choose Smarsh Infotech for software development?

In a word, yeah. We are willing to sign a non-disclosure contract (NDA) for your projects since we have no claim to your project ideas, company secrets, or other sensitive information.

Still have questions?

You can visit Smarsh infotech’s ‘contact us’ page and send us your query along with your contact details. We will get back to you in no time.

What's the actual cost to hire Reactjs developers?

The cost of hiring ReactJS developers depends on the complexity of your project. Hiring a remote React team can be more cost-effective than employing an in-house team of developers.


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