Our Angular Developer’s Expertise

dedicated-angular-developers dedicated-angular-developers

Dedicated Angular Developers

Smarsh Infotech pools the top-notch angular experts. Hire angular developers from us to empower the development of your future angular App.

angular-frontend-development angular-frontend-development

Angular Frontend Development

We develop a fascinating front end for your angular App. Employ a team of angular developers from us to create feature-rich, robust, and safe apps.

angular-integration-and-migration angular-integration-and-migration

Angular Integration and migration

Being a well-known AngularJS development firm internationally, we are skilled at swiftly and effectively updating your outdated Angular application.

angular-plugin-development angular-plugin-development

Angular Plugin Development

Utilize the expertise of our Angular professionals to create and install plugins into current apps to make your business app performant and smooth.

angular-support-maintenance&optimization angular-support-maintenance&optimization

Angular Support, Maintenance & Optimization

Take advantage of our timely after-deployment support and maintenance solutions to make your application profitable, future-proof, and regularly updated.

custom-angular-app-development custom-angular-app-development

Custom Angular App development

Hire skilled Angular developers to create cross-platform bespoke applications that are reliable, easy to use, feature-rich, and run smoothly.

Tools & Technologies Our Angular Developers use

UI Libraries
Unit/E2E testing

Why choose Angular for Web development?

Easy learning curve

People who are familiar with HTML, JS, and CSS can quickly learn AngularJS because it is an approachable framework. If you’re willing to learn Angular, you can make it possible in no time as it’s easy to learn.

Supporting SPAs (Single Page Apps)

One goal of AngularJS is to make it easier to create single-page applications, one-page websites, and hybrid mobile apps that operate in real-time. Using this robust tool, you may quickly develop SPAs.

Real-time process of testing

Final unit testing for AngularJS is already included to facilitate your work. These libraries evaluate your apps in real-time at differing stages without requiring any third-party applications to provide an error-free outcome.

Highly Performant

Data binding, filters, testing, and directives are some of the fascinating features that are pre-installed in Angular and improve the efficiency of the app. It seeks to quickly create apps that are bug-free, & high-performing.

Google Supported

Since AngularJS was first launched by Google, the firm has aggressively worked to improve the framework. To give the community additional features, their developers put a lot of effort into the project.

Reusability and Code consistency

The manual and AngularJS Command Line Interface helps maintain code at the component level. It makes it possible to reuse code as needed. This feature makes it easy to update and customize the code in later phases.

Simple MVC Pattern

The basic MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architectural design is integrated with the Angular platform. Instead, it requests the app to be divided, and everything else is handled itself by Angular libraries.

Two-way data binding

With the Angular framework, developers get a chance to work with a feature called two-way data binding. This feature syncs the data of Model and View, and when data modifys, both model and view update automatically.

Why is Smarsh Infotech a good alternative for hiring Angular developers?

Smarsh Infotech offers the top Angular developers. Utilize our knowledge to create the best full stack IT services for your company. Finding skilled Angular developers quickly is not so simple. By using Smarsh Infotech's services, you can centralize your company’s profits.

Daily Updates and Transparent Communication

Despite the fact that our staff will be developing apps remotely, we make every effort to keep in constant contact with clients to get permission or advice. Daily project progress updates are also sent.

Cost Effective Angular Development

For your needs, you don't have to invest hundreds of dollars. We offer AngularJS apps and solutions that fit your budget, and are delivered on time. Let’s connect and discuss your project.

Developers with years of expertise

As a leading AngularJS development firm, Smarsh Infotech provides AngularJS projects and solutions by empowering our clients to become high-performing business units by developing profitable apps for them.

Integrity and Transparency

You may examine, track and understand the status of your Angular app at any time; thanks to our talented experts for transparent, rapid and upfront development and communication approaches.

Access to our expert Angular Developer's pool

Build cutting-edge, enterprise-class web apps, single page apps, and other front-end solutions with the help of our top AngularJS developers to drive success and profit for your business.

On time application delivery

Smarsh Infotech is well known for delivering even the most complex apps on time. We do not compromise with the app's quality and the deadline we decided for the delivery of the application.

Five Steps to Hire Angular Developers from Smarsh Infotech


Send us your inquiry

You can connect with our experts with a brief idea of your imagination regarding how you want your future App to be. We promise to listen and curate your requirements patiently.


Discuss with our expert

Smarsh Infotech's team is always ready to solve your doubts. Discuss your confusion with us, and we will get back with solutions to your questions in no time.


Decide the preferable engagement model

We serve you with customised engagement models. You can pick the one that is convenient for your project requirements, budget, and other factors of your business needs.


Choose your team

You can pick your team of angular developers from Smarsh Infotech after testing and interviewing them by yourself. We have a top-notch developers team who are ready to serve your angular app development.


Signing legal

We sign an NDA before starting the project's development after fully comprehending the needs and acquiring necessary data from clients. Our developers will be assigned to your project who works only for you.


Project Development begins

When you are satisfied with hiring the best developers for your project development, we sign an NDA with you and then begin with project development. We also provide a transparent monitoring window for you to watch your app being developed.

Engagement Models

We provide various engagement models and contracts that can be tailored to your company's demands & project scope, resulting in the best possible resource usage. Please choose one of our distinguished engagement models that better suits you.

 Dedicated Angular Development Team Dedicated Angular Development Team

Employ a committed group of Angular developers to create your software/App from the start and get it ready for launch. With the help of this collaborative approach, you can concentrate on other business-related tasks. If necessary, we will collaborate closely with your own staff.

angular-staff augmentationAngular Staff Augmentation

Hire Angular developers to assist you with your short-term app/software development needs. With this engagement approach, you may avoid the tedious hiring procedure and be free to expand or cut down your team as necessary.

Industries we serve

Here, we make almost every genre of applications. you name it and we build it.

health care
Health Care
Real Estate
Social Networking
On demand Solution
Travel & hospitality
Food and restaurant
Supply Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angular framework secure to build apps?

Absolutely! The angular framework includes every security element needed to create applications while maintaining the security of your data.

Is AngularJS framework worthy for desktop and mobile apps both?

Yes, AngularJS can be used to create both mobile app development and web apps. You can rapidly and safely create engaging interfaces by working with Smarsh Infotech's best AngularJS developers.

What kind of apps can be developed using Angular framework?

Angular can be used to develop apps belonging to different domains like:

  • Video streaming app
  • Travel apps
  • Social media apps
  • Fintech apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • SPAs (Single Page applications)

Why choose Smarsh Infotech for hiring Angular resources?

Our goal is to provide the finest Angular development services possible so that our clientele may maximise their return on investment. You may be confident that Smarsh Infotech's Angular developers will provide you with solution-focused services that will advance your company. We are renowned for offering powerful, future-ready applications and websites that exhibit increased quality levels and efficacy.

What's the process to follow for hiring Angular developers?

Hiring Angular developers from Smarsh Infotech is an easy process. Select the engagement model for building the project per your initial consultation with one of our experts, then recruit staff from among our top developers.

What is the approx cost of building an Angular js app?

The requirements of the project determine everything. A generalised timeline is impossible to provide because every project has specific requirements. Brief us with your needs, and we'll provide a clear schedule in return. Hire an angular developer for helping you build your dream application.

What is the approximate time to develop an Angular app?

The length of the development process depends on your company's requirements. At Smarsh Infotech, we take every precaution to guarantee that you receive the product on schedule and in perfect condition.

Which are the project management tools Smarsh Infotech uses?

Smarsh Infotech angular developers use project management tools like Trello, Zoho, Wrike, Clarizen Asana, etc.

Can I test your Angular Developers by myself?

It's easy! Simply schedule an interview with one of our knowledgeable Angular developers to gauge their level of technical and people skills. You can indeed request their work portfolio for review by doing so.

What are the advantages of hiring Angular developers from Smarsh Infotech?

Hiring Angular Developers from Smarsh Infotech can provide you benefits as follows:

  • Daily Updates and Transparent Communication
  • Cost Effective Angular Development
  • Developers with years of expertise
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Access to our expert angular developer's pool

What are the advantages of outsourcing the developers' team?

You may accomplish all your digital growth goals while lowering operational expenses and the chance of failure by outsourcing qualified developers. You gain access to the best professionals in the field who are equipped with the expertise, technological know-how, and tools necessary to create new solutions for your company.

Is my project Idea secure if I share it with you? Do you sign an NDA with clients?

Absolutely, yes! We follow a predetermined process to protect your billion-dollar concept, starting with signing one NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before moving on. Hire our comprehensive Angular developers based on their worth after receiving a free consultation from them. Contact us right away to get going!

Do Smarsh Infotech's teamwork according to different clients' time zones?

Yes, we can arrange a work schedule that serves your requirements in the best way possible, depending on your desired times and the developer's presence.

Does Smarsh Infotech provide after-delivery support?

We do, indeed. We provide the upkeep assistance, bug-fixing, upgrades in line with market trends, and after-delivery support your company needs to flourish.


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