Our Android Developer's expertise

android-app-development-consulting Android App development consulting

Android App development consulting

We provide necessary consulting regarding the implementation of your application ideas into a real-time android app. We provide everything, from understanding your business requirements to developing your app.

back-end-engineering-solutions back-end-engineering-solutions

Back-end engineering solutions

With the help of our best Android developers, it is simple to construct a scalable and secure back-end solution while also taking good care of altering company requirements.

Custom Android Application Development Custom Android Application Development

Custom Android Application Development

Smarsh Infotech's android developers have the skills to create robust custom apps for different domains. Additionally, we have access to Android Studio, which speeds up the creation of Android applications.

testing-apps-and-maintenance-services testing-apps-and-maintenance-services

Testing apps and Maintenance services

We are here to assist you with fixing bugs, configuration management, network management, and on-demand upgrades, taking care of any post-release application concerns.

ui-ux-design ui-ux-design

UI/UX design

Smarsh Infotech passionately focuses on giving the best UI/UX design solutions by creating designs through wireframes and mock-ups. Our custom services have always been oriented toward the needs of the clients.

Team Enlargement Team Enlargement

Team Enlargement

We allow our clients to select from our community of skilled Android app developers and provide you hassle-free control over managing their team and needs through direct connection with them.

Tools & Technologies Our Android Developers use

Front End
Project Management Tools

Why Choose Android for Mobile App development?

Huge range of Customers

Android shares approximately 80% of the global market share, which means more people use Android than iOS gadgets. Hence, Android development has a wider pool of audiences than iOS.

Low cost and Greater ROI

The primary benefit of Android application development is that the Android SDK is easily available. It helps android developers to develop interactive apps at low cost.

Wider Potential Market

Android apps are compatible with a wider range of smart devices like smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, etc. It indicated that Android has a wider potential market than iOS apps.

Optimum App Scalability

Smarsh Infotech's expert Android developers develop apps that are future-proof. We deliver a scalable android app that never compromises performance, even when there's huge traffic on the app.

Secure Application Development

Android has in-built security characteristics that reduce the impact and frequency of security issues on your application and make the app more secure. Safe apps build the trust of your users and increase ROI.

Targeting Multiple Frameworks

Developing Android apps using Java makes it possible to port the application on multiple frameworks like Symbian and Ubuntu. So, business owners can target different platforms with one app.

Feature-packed Application

Android SDK has some best features in-built such as geolocation, performance optimization, camera, etc. Developers can use these features in the app and make the app feature-packed.

Futuristic and Innovative

Android SDK itself is innovative and future-proof like no other toolkit. With android development services, developers can build custom apps that run on devices compatible with Android versions.

Why is Smarsh Infotech a good alternative for hiring Android developers?

Smarsh Infotech is a reliable Android development service provider. Our developers and management team have successfully completed and delivered projects of various domains. We develop custom Android applications based on your requirements and also provide React Native iOS development services.

Dedicated Android Development Team

Hire Smarsh Infotech's dedicated android developers team for cost-effective Android app development for your business. We offer competitive rates for app development.

On-time Application Delivery

We guarantee on-time application delivery to our clients. Our expert developers follow a strict timetable to develop, test, and deliver projects within the deadline decided.

Reliable Customer Support

Our experts deliver promising after-deployment support. You can contact us anytime. We will be happy to solve your doubts and keep your application up-to-date with our timely maintenance and support.

Uninterrupted Working in different Time-Zones

Smarsh Infotech's dedicated android developers team works solely for your project once you hire them. Hire android developers from us and get development services done according to your time zone.

Cost-effective Android app development

If you choose us, then don't worry about any hidden expenses. Smarsh Infotech offers cost-effective app development with top-notch quality apps to ensure an increase in your business's ROI.

Hassle-Free Designing and Development

Our developers are quite skilled and experienced in the field of Android app development by developing apps for various domains. Hence, we deliver hassle-free app development and designing services.

Steps to Hire Android Developers from Smarsh Infotech


Inquire about your dream project

You can fill in the fields and send us a short idea of your dream application. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible with related solutions for app development.


Discuss it with our expert Android developer

While Smarsh Infotech's team gets in touch with you, we will discuss your exact requirements and present every possible way to develop your app quickly and in minimum time.


Select your way of app development

Our team will assist you in picking the best engagement model for your project development. You can go with the suggestion or choose the one you think is accurate.


Pick your team

Once your project development starts, you can add or even remove some team members if required. We will help you with smooth hiring or scaling down the team.


Signing NDA

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signing is necessary. It helps with the easy Working of us together for developing your dream project for your business's digital optimization.


Development process begins

Once you sign an NDA and choose your team of best developers, we can start with development of your android app. We also provide easy communication and support for you to monitor your project completely.

Engagement Models

We provide various engagement models and contracts that can be tailored to your company's demands & project scope, resulting in the best possible resource usage. Please choose one of our best engagement models that better suits you.

Dedicated Android Development Team Dedicated Android Development Team

Employ a committed group of Android developers to create your mobile app from the start and get it ready for launch. With the help of this collaborative approach, you can concentrate on other business-related tasks. If necessary, we will collaborate closely with your own staff.

android-staff-augmentationAndroid Staff Augmentation

Hire Android developers to assist you with your short-term application development needs. With this engagement approach, you may avoid the tedious hiring procedure and be free to expand or cut down your team as necessary.

Industries we serve

Here, we make almost every genre of applications. you name it and we build it.

health care
Health Care
Real Estate
Social Networking
On demand Solution
Travel & hospitality
Food and restaurant
Supply Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Hire Top Android Developers from Smarsh Infotech?

Here are 5 simple steps to follow for hiring android developers from Smarsh Infotech:

  • Share your requirements
  • Discuss more details with our experts
  • Select the suitable engagement models
  • Signing NDA
  • Beginning the work

What is the approximate cost of hiring Android developers from Smarsh Infotech?

The approximate cost of hiring our android developers depends on the complexity of your application and the number of developers you are hiring for developing your future business android app.

Are Android applications safe and secure?

Android has built-in security features, which significantly reduce the impact and frequency of security issues on the android app. The in-built features of Android can help avoid security issues in your business application.

Does Smarsh Infotech provide maintenance and support after project completion?

Absolutely yes, our team believes in long-term relations with clients. Hence, we provide total maintenance and customer support services. During this maintenance and support period, our android developers give solutions and fix bugs, regularly update the app and maintain your app's performance.

Do you provide iOS app development along with Android app development?

Yes, we provide top-notch iOS development services along with Android development services. You can hire our developers, and we promise they will dedicatedly work for you. Along with iOS, Smarsh Infotech also provides app and software development services like Angular development, React Native development, ReactJS, and much more.

Is the app developed by you compatible with every Android version and Android devices?

Yes, our developers are experienced in developing apps compatible with the latest Android versions and older versions.

What are the services that Smarsh Infotech's Android developers offer?

Here are some services that our developers offer to our clients:

  • Android application design and development
  • Migrating app to Android framework
  • 3rd party APIs Integration
  • Updating android apps
  • Maintenance and Support

I am confused about whether I need only one freelance Android developer or whether I have to hire a full team. Please help me solve this doubt.

Yes, Smarsh Infotech's team is ever ready to assist you with your doubts regarding the project. Once you send us your requirements regarding the application you want to make, we can decide further whether you can hire a single developer or a full-fledged Android developers team from us.

Is there a severe demand for Android developers in the market?

Android developers are in demand & will always be in demand. As the popularity of Android apps is increasing, demand for android developers is also increasing.

Is Smarsh Infotech signing NDA with clients to keep their Android Application idea confidential?

Yes, we sign NDA with our clients before beginning the development process of their project.

Which technologies and tools do your developers use?

There are many latest tools and technologies our developers use for Android application development:

  • Android Studio
  • ADB
  • AVD Manager
  • Fabric
  • Eclipse
  • Gradle
  • Instabug, etc.

Will your team help me upload my Android Application on the Play store?

Yes, it is our responsibility to publish the application on the Play Store. It is a crucial part of our end-to-end Android application development process.

What's the actual cost to hire Reactjs developers?

The cost of hiring ReactJS developers depends on the complexity of your project. Hiring a remote React team can be more cost-effective than employing an in-house team of developers.


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