Services of Custom Software Development

custom-web-application-development custom-web-application-development

Custom Web App Development

You get optimized corporate value and improved user experience with Smarsh Infotech's custom web application development services. We provide enterprise-grade web development services according to the client's requirements.

Custom mobile app development Custom mobile app development

Custom mobile app development

For 24/7 connectivity, we provide intuitive, feature-rich, and value-driven mobile application development services that operate without a hassle on the iOS and Android operating systems (cross platform).

UI and UX Design Services UI and UX Design Services

UI and UX Design Services

Create an application that is not just highly functional but also beautifully designed and simple. Our UX and UI design experts provide an open design approach, adhere to deadlines, and give an excellent outcome.

dedicated-development-team dedicated-development-team

Dedicated Development Team

Our talented and dedicated development team helps you increase the service Capacity of your business. Smarsh Infotech's method for creating, inspiring, and maintaining a team of software developers helps our clients succeed.

qa-services qa-services

QA Services

The comprehensive QA (Quality Assurance) and testing add a high level of value and agile alignment to the Software. Smarsh's QA experts utilize the latest techniques and tools to guarantee bug-free operations of the app.

infrastructure-&-maintenance-services infrastructure-&-maintenance-services

Infrastructure & maintenance services

Once you connect with Smarsh Infotech for your future projects, you can enjoy our extensive range of IT infrastructure utilities like system administration, network management, custom messaging, support, help desk management, and collaboration.

Technology Stack

Benefits of choosing Smarsh infotech as your next custom Software development partner

Business evolution

Customized Software for persistent Business evolution

Expert developers of Smarsh Infotech utilize the latest tools and technologies to meet the unique requirements of our client's businesses. We create secure and intuitive custom apps to improve user experience.

Understanding and revising Business Goals

Discussing and understanding your vision for your application is where we begin our app development process. In-depth revision of your business goals will help us build a convenient software for you.


Expert in various Domains

We cherish having expert developers with exceptional knowledge of different domains. With Smarsh, you can feed yourself with in-depth information on a niche, from complex projects to simple architectural apps.

Improving Customer Experience

We help you build a custom solution that will be intuitive and focuses on specific features that improve user experience and connect the audience with your business portal. More interactive the app, the more the profit.


Shortened time to market

Your dream project can go live within weeks by using MVP or MMP (minimal viable product or minimal marketable product). These agile development techniques help when you're not ready to release a full project at once.

Better Performance

The custom software that Smarsh designs offers better performance as compared to our competitors. We use industry-standard techniques that perform well under multiple conditions in which an app might work.


Full Flexibility

With time, your business will grow. Thus, your Software or website, or app will also require growth. With Smarsh, you can be tension-free. We design flexible projects where you can ask us to add, update or update any feature at any time.

Our Industry leading Software Development Methodology


Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

After gathering the client's general requirements, an analysis of the development scope is made and adequately described for further process.


UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

After analysing the requirements, we begin designing the User Interface. Our design is not restricted to aesthetics but instead to utility and flow.




On receiving approval for the functionality and design of the program, we start developing it following the specifications.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

As the developers build the product, QA engineers roll their sleeves and kickstart and solve every bug they find.




Once the coding is over and tested against the preset standards, we proceed to make your product available to all of your users.


Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

You can expect continuous assistance from our professionals, and feel free to request on-demand maintenance.

Industries we serve

Here, we make almost every genre of applications. you name it and we build it.

health care
Health Care
Real Estate
Social Networking
On demand Solution
Travel & hospitality
Food and restaurant
Supply Chain

Want to build customized software? We are here to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Custom Software Development?

One should pick custom software development to receive the software that is easy to maintain, easy to use, and changes according to the business's size. Additionally, it makes the organization more profitable and allows for a better connection with current systems.

Types of custom app/software development

There are multiple custom software solutions types depending on the requirements of the clients and their business software:

  • Mobile app development
  • Web app development
  • Desktop app development
  • Real-time app development
  • Big Data app development, etc.

How does custom software benefit my business?

Your company can gain significantly from a custom software application that is made to your specifications. To free up your efforts, this plan is intended to ensure all the laborious, but necessary operations are computerized. These assets can then be used for other crucial tasks. A corporation can save money on additional license and connection charges in addition to the advantages of automating. Custom software products replace your current solutions to increase efficiency and give you an edge over your rivals.

What are the services that custom software development companies offer?

  • Custom Web App Development
  • Custom Mobile Application Development
  • UI and UX Design Services
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • QA Services
  • Infrastructure & maintenance services

What is the cost of development of a custom software?

The cost of custom software development solutions is determined by a wide range of variables. The genre, size, core features, technologies employed, and volume of the project team of a project. These are a few facts that are important to mention.

Please feel free to contact us; one of our team will walk you through our procedures and practices and give you estimated costs based on the specifics of your project.

Smarsh Infotech software company has worked with groups of various sizes and on unique web applications with varying difficulty levels.

What is the total time taken to develop a custom software for my business?

The total time taken to complete the custom app solution depends on the number of features to be included in the Software. Approximately the time taken can be somewhere between 3-6 months, but it's also based on factors like team size, budget, and requirements.

Do you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for any project?

Yes, if necessary, a custom software development company will execute an NDA with the customer. We are open to our client's requests and provide a similar arrangement that ensures the service will not be disclosed.

Which engagement models does Smarsh Infotech offer?

Depending on our client's requirements, Smarsh Infotech offers 2 different engagement models for custom software development. Here's the list:

  • Dedicated Development Team Engagement Model
  • Staff Augmentation Engagement Model

Which methodology is used for software development?

We use Smarsh Infotech's custom software development methodology to develop different types of projects depending on our client's needs. You just have to connect with us and discuss your requirements; our expert team will come up with suitable technology for your project.

Will I be able to track the advancement (progress) of my Software while you are developing it?

Yes! You will be able to track your Software's progress while proceeding with our custom software development services. Our developers will provide a communication window through which you can check progress or give us updates regarding your project.


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