Why Smarsh for Dedicated Software development

Experts in various domains

We have experienced developers that fit the best for your technical domain. Using our outsource custom software development, our considerably experienced software developers skilled in multiple domains can produce the greatest results for enterprises.

Customer Centric

Our company's key values of staff augmentation speed, genuineness, and quality assurance service as a strong foundation. To successfully complete projects, we deploy the right people to the right location and concentrate our solutions on the customer's needs.

Transparent and flexible approach

Smarsh Infotech provides a safe and fair pricing structure at every application development stage. We adapt to unique business demands and provide strong software development services.

We build projects using different technologies

Our custom software development teams are well-versed in the newest frontend and backend technologies, cloud computing, DevOps, Java, Node.js, PHP, and other software development testing and QA tools and frameworks.

Agile Development process with experts

Smarsh Infotech's dedicated developers use an agile methodology to maintain a balance between output speed and output quality. By dividing modules into tiny sprints and completing them in shortened sprints, we establish a plan.

Access the huge technical talent group

We assist you in reducing the additional hiring expenses related to infrastructure expenditures, expensive recruitment packs, and hiring agents. Outsource Smarsh Infotech's top-notch developers for outstanding software development.

Technologies We Use

Benefits of Having Dedicated Development Team


Easy Hiring process

Leave the cost and time consuming hiring procedure to us. Smarsh Infotech only provides you with the top developers at market disruptive rates so you can focus on your business model and leave development load on us.

Faster Scaling of team

Partner with Smarsh Infotech to access a pool of talents. Quickly scale up your extended team with an instant availability guarantee. Our experts help you boost your business with leading software solutions.


Low-cost solutions

Smarsh Infotech adapts in real-time with the most practical methods to grow your business, thanks to market shifts. While keeping the quality of the goods, improve your profitability and make your investment cost efficient.

Concentrating on primary business needs

Concurrently manage your core business agendas and software development with Smarsh Infotech. Our software developers create & project managers handle your project management requirements from the beginning.


Get a team that embraces your business culture

New hires must comprehend their mission to advance the organization toward the shared objective. A specialized project team is most willing to adjust as per your business culture and support your business.

How it works


Bring your requirements to us

Your requirements are the base of the software that we will develop. Our experts gather complete requirements, including project goals, chore business type, technology to be used, and many more.


Setting up Work Plan

Smarsh Infotech's in-house development specialists set up a work plan depending upon your project needs. The work plan includes tentative details regarding technologies, deadlines, tasks, number of members required, etc.


Selecting our best talent for your project

Based on our 7+ years of expertise, our specialists smoothly integrate the required and skilled team into developing your software. You can also meet the team by coming to us or inviting them to your office.


Test / Interview your team

Our expert developers have knowledge of languages along with expertise in different general skills. Our clients can arrange technical interviews or tests for them and can also reject them. We will soon replace the candidate with a better alternative for your project.


Onboarding remote team

After selecting your dream team of developers, we sign legal agreements. After this process, your selected team works only for your project. They now focus only on what is important for you and your project and work accordingly.


Engagement models

We provide various engagement models that can be tailored as per your project requirements & scope, resulting in the best possible resource usage. Please choose any one engagement models that suits your business requirements.


Dedicated Developers Team

Hire our dedicated developers team to help you develop your software/app/website from scratch. Smarsh Infotech's dedicated team engagement model takes away your tasks, and you can focus on your business activities instead of concentrating on project development. Our in-house team prioritizes your project and delivers it on time.


Staff Augmentation

With the staff augmentation process, you hire dedicated developers as and when you need to develop apps or software for your business. It allows you to avoid recruitment, and you get the flexibility to increase and decrease the number of team members whenever needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a dedicated development team used for?

It's a team of flexible development experts working on a single software/app as an outsourced developers team (generally for long term projects). It might be organized by the project manager or management staff.

Why does one need dedicated teams of developers for their project?

Here are a few advantages of hiring a dedicated developers team for developing your business project:

  • Reduced cost
  • Adapted taxation
  • Working with talented experts
  • High-quality project
  • Timely output
  • Time-saving

How to outsource a trustworthy dedicated development team?

Consider ratings and reviews posted about the firm on trustworthy websites before you choose a dedicated development outsourcing company. After that, it's important to do an in-depth study to find out about the company's technological proficiency, businesses, and previous projects.

What is the actual cost of hiring a dedicated development team?

The price of hiring a dedicated development team will differ depending on the geographic location of the outsourcer, the developers you select, and the number of individuals you recruit.

When will hiring a dedicated development team be a good alternative for my business?

You can hire a dedicated team for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • You can help your firm save money by working with a team of dedicated developers outsourced from a software development company instead of hiring a dedicated development team and making other preparations to build an in-house engineering team.
  • Starting a new group doesn't take very long or more effort.
  • A dedicated development team gives you complete openness because they constantly update clients on the project's status.
  • A specialized development team is much more cost-effective & efficient because they only work on your project.

Which project management tools does Smarsh Infotech use to manage and monitor different projects?

We provide incredibly flexible and practical alternatives for you to stay in touch with a committed group of experts. Utilizing some of the top applications like JIRA, Slack, Trello, Teams, etc., the client organization may effortlessly monitor the daily progress reports. MS-powered Skype also serves as a fantastic choice for simpler communication.

How to hire a dedicated development team in India?

You can do in-depth research on the company you plan to hire as a dedicated development team outsourcing partner. Also, ask them to provide their work portfolio. Connect with their past clients and know their experience regarding the firm. And finally, select the company's best developers, and you can test and interview them yourself.

What are the steps to hiring a dedicated development team from Smarsh Infotech?

A company must first outline the project's objectives, timeline, and scope before recruiting dedicated developers. Generally speaking, it's a great idea to mention the number of developers collaborating on your project and the skills that dedicated teammates should possess.

Does Smarsh Infotech offer consulting for clients before signing the software development?

Of course, Yes!! Before beginning the project, the team offers you full consulting. There are multiple causes why we are one of the best outsourced dedicated software development companies.
We do have skilled, committed development staff. The newest trends and technology are familiar to our expertise. We consistently work hard to produce high-quality goods. So, if you've got a concept, you can contact our staff at any time and move closer to the success of your company.

Is there any NDA to sign before moving forward with the project development?

Yes. We are firmly devoted to maintaining the privacy of our clients. We are totally willing to sign the agreement..

Does Smarsh Infotech's dedicated development team in India work according to clients' timezone?

We provide development team solutions to customers all around the globe and are aware of the issues caused by a communication failure, delivery delays, or time zone differences. We make sure that our staff works throughout regular office hours and in accordance with regional time zones.

Will I be able to manage my dedicated development team?

Here are few steps to follow for managing your dedicated developers team:

  • Define your project requirements to developers clearly to avoid any miscommunications.
  • Allocate developers on your project according to their development skills.
  • Mention the clear deadlines for your project.
  • Manage and distribute files of your project on one place.
  • Monitor the team and real-time updates.
  • Treat your dedicated developers team as your family.
  • Keep them motivated towards working.

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